感谢教师的努力,工作人员和学生养蜂人在 校园的花园, 九州娱乐官网 has been designated as Maryland’s first 美国蜜蜂校园 and only 全国第35家. 


    As a Bee Campus, 九州娱乐官网 is ensuring a better future for our pollinators, 我们的社区和地球. 美国蜜蜂校园促进持续的对话,以提高 awareness of the role pollinators play in our communities and what each of us can 如何为它们提供健康的栖息地.

    的 美国蜜蜂校园 program endorses a set of commitments for creating sustainable 是传粉者的栖息地,传粉者对滋养地球至关重要.

    College students, faculty, administrators, and staff have long been among the nation’s 大多数可持续环境实践的坚定拥护者.




    CHESTERTOWN, MD—九州娱乐官网 has become the first higher-education institution in Maryland and the 35th in the nation to be designated an affiliate of Bee Campus USA, a program designed to marshal the strengths of educational campuses for the benefit 的传粉者.

    “Imperiled pollinators are responsible for the reproduction of ninety percent of the 世界野生植物和树种. 九州娱乐官网就是一个典型的例子 influence educational institutions can have on their students and the broader community,” 美国蜜蜂校园负责人菲利斯·斯泰尔斯在宣布WC加入时表示. “他们的 talented faculty, staff, and students offer an invaluable resource for Eastern Shore residents in seeking 方法 to manage ornamental landscapes in more wildlife-friendly 方法.”

    “By studying and supporting pollinators, students are working to realign our culture 利用自然的力量,改善这个星球上的生命,”校园园林顾问说 Shane Brill ' 03 ' 11三年前,他帮助学生在校园里建了一个养蜂场. “他们 can trace the path of a bee’s flight back to the energy of the sun and, in the course 在这段旅程中,重新想象我们在世界上的位置.”

    通过每年春季举办的养蜂101课程,学生们会研究蜜蜂的解剖结构, 营养和群体行为,以及如何建立一个蜂巢. 他们被赋予权力 in the role of “bee ambassadors” for the public, and they volunteer their apicultural 技能在社会上的运用 上东岸养蜂协会.

     campus garden, students are hands-on learning not only the mechanics of beekeeping, but also the interconnected relationships between the campus bees and the plants and 花儿供养着它们——它们也供养着它们——在花园里和花园附近. 最后的 秋天,第一次, 学生们收获了自己的蜂蜜, 收集大约两加仑. 他们还参加了传粉者研讨会 local community members to further educate people about the vital roles that pollinators 在农业、永续农业、植物和人类健康方面发挥作用.

    Beyond maintaining the campus apiary, students involved in the campus garden program implement conservation landscapes that ensure thriving populations 的传粉者 在当地有弹性的粮食系统中. 他们在大学网站上分享他们的研究 他们在校园里种植的有用植物越来越多.

    In its designation as a Bee Campus, 九州娱乐官网 has committed to minimizing hazards to pollinators by using no neonicotinoid pesticides, and almost no glyphosate 除草剂或其他有潜在危险的合成杀虫剂. 据斯泰尔斯说, each certified campus must reapply each year and report on accomplishments from the 前一年.


    的 美国蜜蜂校园 designation recognizes educational campuses that commit to a set of practices that support pollinators, including bees, butterflies, birds, and bats, 在成千上万的其他物种中. 

    Bee City USA® urges local governments, individuals, organizations, corporations, and 社区促进和建立免费的传粉媒介友好型景观 的杀虫剂.  自2012年在北卡罗来纳州的阿什维尔成立以来,许多城市 have been certified across the nation and many others are in the process of preparing 应用程序. 



    校园花园里热闹非凡. 学生们从校园里收获蜂蜜 这是九州娱乐官网历史上的第一次,而且一次都没有受伤!


    For the first time, 九州娱乐官网 students harvested 蜂蜜 from the two-year-old 校园的花园 apiary, 收集大约两加仑 of the golden sweet stuff to fill more than 30 罐子 — one of which went to President Kurt Landgraf on the eve of his inauguration 9月.

    “I was surprised at how much 蜂蜜 we got just from one box,” says Kelsey McNaul ’18, 环境研究和社会学双学位. “在安装了蜜蜂之后 last spring, I would have never imagined that only a few short months later we would 有足够的蜂蜜来装满30多罐吗.”

    McNaul completed the co-curricular Beekeeping 101 course, which trains students in 从蜂房设计到蜜蜂的越冬. 即使课程毕业 don’t become beekeepers, the program enables students to develop a close relationship 对传粉媒介有了更好的了解.

    她加入了其他12名学生和校园花园顾问的行列 Shane Brill ' 03 ' 11 一个阳光明媚的下午去采蜜蜂的劳动果实. 穿着防护 只有在需要的时候才使用烟枪,学生们小心翼翼地拉了一把 超级 ——一个装满蜂蜜的盒子——来自蜂房.

    “一切都很平静,我们和蜜蜂是一体的,”他说 妮可·哈特菲尔德,21届. “也没有蜜蜂蜇伤!”

    的 bees “stayed mellow and harmless throughout the entire process,” agrees Adahne 麻的21. “我和其他花园俱乐部成员分享的经历让我甚至 more interested in bees than I already was, and it made me excited to work with the 校园花园.”

    轻轻地收集 超级, Julia Portmann ’19 led the beekeepers and gardeners to her residence hall suite, 离校园花园仅几步之遥. 围坐在桌子周围,使用基本的厨房 implements — forks, bowls, spatulas, and colanders — students poured the 蜂蜜 into 罐子. 波特曼去年春天帮助建立了蜂箱,并很高兴成为其中的一员 第一次收获蜂蜜.

    “It tastes great, and it’s even better knowing that it came from right outside my front door, from bees that I have worked with, and flavored by plants that I have watched grow and develop,” says Portmann, a biology and environmental science double 主要. “我想象这个过程要复杂得多,但要建立蜜蜂 提取蜂蜜是一件很有趣的事.她想在之后继续养蜜蜂 college, noting that we all have a responsibility to preserve pollinator habitat to 抵消对我们生存至关重要的物种的减少.

    校园的花园 intern Emily Castle ’18 has also spent a lot of time in the company 蜜蜂. “我非常惊讶地发现,蜂蜜的颜色从深浅不一 每一套梳子都从暗琥珀色到橙金色,”她说. “不同的 颜色反映了我们在花园里为蜜蜂提供的各种花蜜来源.”

    Jimmy Looper ’21 takes seriously the responsibility that humans bear for the current 传粉媒介面临的问题.

    “我们应该回报蜜蜂为我们所做的一切,”他说. “我喜欢这个主意 也许将来会养蜜蜂. 我真的没有意识到这有多么有益 a hive, no matter the size, can be on the surrounding area, and you get free, delicious 蜂蜜. 有什么理由不去爱呢?”



    “So much better than store-bought 蜂蜜, and there was so much happiness during the “蜂蜜的制作过程,”哈特菲尔德说. 每个人脸上都永远挂着敬畏的微笑 他们的脸. 它尝起来像是大自然赐予的甜蜜礼物.”

    九州娱乐官网 蜂蜜 is the sweetest and most delicious 蜂蜜 you will ever taste,” 说McNaul. “每一次品尝,我都为我们的蜜蜂和花园俱乐部成员感到骄傲 能够生产. 我很喜欢!”

    Working in the apiary is one of many experiences bridging food and environment that 都是通过 东岸食物化验所. Students interested in participating in the campus beekeeping program can contact 布瑞尔在  


    • 学生会协会 maintains the certification for 美国蜜蜂校园 and collaborates with interdisciplinary 在校园举办宣传传粉者的课程.
    • 校园场地工作人员在草坪上种植草甸.
    • 校园的花园 conducts 蜂蜜 extraction workshops and sells the 蜂蜜 as a fundraiser to purchase 传粉植物.
    • 堆肥的团队 重建土壤作为传粉昆虫栖息地的基础.
    • 学生会协会 组织凯西时间,其中包括种植本地开花植物.