偏见教育 & 响应

九州娱乐官网是一个充满爱心的社区. 我们认真对待偏见,有很强的 响应性协议到位.

“We will confront 和 challenge attempts to dehumanize others through prejudiced attitudes, behaviors, 和 practices that exclude, demean, or marginalize any individual or group.” 



The 偏见教育应对小组(伯特) is a cross-departmental team of professionals who collect 和 publish data on 偏见的报道 和 outcomes, facilitate broad-level educational initiatives, 和 provide resources to assist in formal 和 informal bias response with the goal of assisting all college stakeholders in underst和ing, responding 尽量减少偏见的有害影响. 

伯特 includes professional representation from Residential Life, Human Resources, Public Safety, Office of Student Intercultural Affairs,  体育运动 Department, Marketing & Communications, 和 consults with Academic Affairs through the Diversity Committee, Academic Dean, 和 the Associate Provost for Diversity 和 Inclusion. 学生代表 受到邀请、欢迎和强烈鼓励.



伯特主席 & 负责学生参与和成功的副院长 












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学生事务处 & 健康顾问

  • 报告 bias incidents helps 九州娱乐官网 better underst和 和 respond to 我们社会中的偏见. 
  • The 偏见教育 响应 Team uses data from reported bias incidents to identify areas of need 和 guide educational efforts on behalf of all college stakeholders.
  • 通知公共安全(口头或书面)(410)778-7810 
  • 提交一个 医疗报告 (匿名举报是一种选择)
  • Tell an RA, department head, or a member of the 偏见教育 响应 Team


伯特指导学院 在一个 程序的 声音和人文偏见反应过程,如下图所示. 


九州娱乐官网 is committed to providing a dynamic 和 inclusive living, learning, 和 working environment in which every person is valued 和 treated with dignity, where free expression 和 debate are encouraged, 和 care for fellow 社区 members, 尤其是在冲突时刻,是为之奋斗的.  

This policy, aligned with our college mission, codes of conduct, 和 diversity statement, establishes a mechanism for addressing situations involving an objectively true or 主观感知的偏见行为. 它包括相关的定义、报告和 investigating guidelines, approaches to resolution 和 accountability, 和 references 有关政策. 


伯特 publishes bias report outcomes 和 other bias related information 和 initiatives 在伯特新闻中向大学社区.  





九州娱乐官网 是关心吗? 社区. 我们认真对待偏见,有很强的 响应性协议到位. 




A bias incident is any unwelcome, offensive behavior or act (verbal, written, or physical) personally directed against or targeted toward an individual or group based on perceived 或者是受保护类的实际成员. 偏见事件可能会发生,也可能不会 the level of policy violation outlined in the Discrimination, Harassment, 第九条, 社交媒体政策和/或大学行为准则. 

Incidents of bias may be intentional or unintentional or delivered as a joke or prank, 或者带着幽默的意图. 

If you are the individual who was targeted by the bias act, depending upon the nature of the conduct, you may have the right to know the outcome of the investigation or 如果你选择继续投诉,荣誉委员会的决定. 如果你做了报告 as a witness or are asked to participate in the investigation as a witness, you are 没有资格知道结果. 经历过偏见行为的人和 the person alleged of bias acts are entitled to have their student or employee records 保密. 家庭教育权利和隐私法案(FERPA)是一项联邦法律 law that prohibits institutions from sharing identifying information from confidential records, including disciplinary records, unless it is under very limited circumstances when a party is found responsible for a crime of violence that by its nature involved substantial risk that physical force against the complainant was used in committing 在这种情况下,可以允许通知. 

伯特 报告 bias report data 和 outcomes each year free of identifying information. 

  • 确定报告是否涉及策略违反. 如果是这样,该报告将正式发布 由公共安全部门调查. 如果没有,报告将被非正式调查 并在发生事故的部门内进行管理.  
  • Support individuals impacted by the reported bias incident through individual consultations 和 offers of college resources including peer support, counseling, 和 accommodations. 
  • Conduct honor board hearings when 调查 indicate that a policy violation 可能发生过. 
  • 记录报告和结果.  
  • 每年发布偏倚报告数据. 
  • Review bias report data regularly, identify needs, 和 design educational programs 以及满足已确定需求的举措. 
  • 每年审查和更新与偏见有关的政策. 

No, 伯特, as a unit, is not involved in the investigation or adjudication of bias 报告. Investigation 和 purview of Public Safety, Human Resources, local law enforcement, 和/或发生偏见的部门. 大学荣誉委员会是我们的内部 裁判制度. 

伯特审查广义数据,为教育工作提供信息. 个别会员 of 伯特 may, within the scope of other assigned duties, have privileged access to 偏见的报道. (例如,我们的公共安全代表). 然而,伯特做到了 not review or discuss individual identifying information 在一个 bias report. 

是的, a所有报告将被记录 适当地 分配 正式还是非正式 调查. Further, just because conduct may not be a violation of our institutional policy 并不意味着它与我们的制度价值观是一致的. 报告 感知偏见 可以帮助支持意识和教育工作吗. 

是的,匿名举报可以通过 保健系统 或者联系公共安全部门 匿名举报表格 . 

报告 anonymously does not allow for additional questions to be asked, which can 限制了学院的应对能力. 请考虑以下限制 of an anonymous report when deciding how to report a bias incident: 

  • Although a report is received anonymously, the College may have to move forward to address the concern 和 the respondent may assume the reporter’s name due to the nature 投诉的内容. 
  • You will not receive updates on the status of the case 和 / or if action has been 采取. 
  • You will not be offered a chance to participate 在一个ny other part of the process (e.g., 正式调查). 
  • Depending on the information reported, the College may be limited in its response.  
  • Due to limitations in collecting information from you, the College may not be able 通过你想要的解决方案来解决这些问题. 

Members of 伯特 welcome your questions, feedback, 和 dialog around issues of bias.