The College’s transfer credit policy applies to both new incoming transfer students 以及学院的在校生. 本页概述了这些政策 以及在任何情况下申请学分转移的程序. 参观 免修 page for information about earning credit for Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or Cambridge “A” and “AS” tests.


The College grants transfer credit for courses from regionally accredited institutions if they are standard liberal arts courses or are otherwise comparable to the offerings 书院院长. 转学分只适用于取得字母成绩的课程 最终成绩为“C-”或更高的基础. 通过/不及格的课程 basis or those that are older than seven years may be ineligible for transfer.

Grades from transfer courses do not factor into the calculation of the student’s cumulative 九州娱乐官网 grade point average, nor may students use a transferred course 以取代在九州娱乐官网已经获得的分数.

Once coursework has been accepted and processed as transfer credit, the student’s 官方WC成绩单将包括 只有 the name of the transferring college/university and the number of credit hours awarded 在转移. 成绩单不会列出个别课程本身. 然而, for advising purposes, faculty advisors will have access to view these individual 转学课程和取得的成绩.


Students entering 九州娱乐官网 from high school who seek credit for courses taken at a college while still attending high school, or who were “dual-enrolled” at their high school and a college simultaneously, should have an official copy of their transcript sent to the 招生 Office as part of their admissions process. 招生办公室将把这份成绩单提供给注册主任 Office for an 评估潜在的转移学分. 一旦学生被录取,注册主任就会 Office will automatically post these credits and any equivalency granted toward distribution 或主修/副修要求.

Academic credits earned abroad before matriculation 在九州娱乐官网 are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may require the services of a course credit evaluation 代理费用由学生承担.


A级转账.A. 从社区大学获得学位,并与九州娱乐官网合作 has a “Direct Transfer” agreement will be granted junior standing, but they must meet all Distribution (general education) and Major requirements 在学院; the 注册商 determines which requirements remain to be completed prior to the student’s matriculation 在学院. 最多可接受72个学分的转学. 因此, 在九州娱乐官网必须修满56个小时的学分. 此外, the last eight courses (or the equivalent of 32 credit hours) must be taken at Washington College or in a 九州娱乐官网-administered program in order to meet minimum graduation 标准. 如向委员会提出上诉,可批准这些规则的例外情况 学术地位和建议.

Transfers from colleges with whom 九州娱乐官网 does not a have a “Direct Transfer” agreement, even though the students may hold an associate degree, will have their course work evaluated and will be granted appropriate standing according to total 接受的学时数.


  • 安妮阿伦德尔社区学院- A.A. 文科或通识专业
  • 卡罗尔社区学院- A.A. 来自荣誉课程
  • 切萨皮克学院- A.A. 文科或通识专业
  • 霍华德社区学院- A.A. 来自劳斯九州娱乐官网荣誉项目
  • 乔治王子社区学院.A. 荣誉学院
  • 蒙哥马利学院- A.A. 通识课程或转学课程

Transfer students must meet the graduation requirements according to the Washington 他们入学时最新的大学目录. 所有转学生 will be expected to adhere to all graduation requirements listed in the Catalog unless 指出,否则. 申请转到九州娱乐官网的学生应该提出申请 that an official transcript be sent to the 招生 Office for review as part of 招生过程. 招生办公室将把这份成绩单提供给注册主任 办公室评估潜在的转移学分. 一旦学生入学, the 注册商’s Office will automatically post these credits and any equivalency granted 对分布或主要/次要要求.


Students attempting to accelerate their education to graduate in less than four years must take care to accumulate the proper number of courses and credits required for 毕业,一般是128个学分. 供有计划的学生补充 their 九州娱乐官网 coursework with classes at another institution, where possible, 他们应该修四学分的课程.e. 相当于一个华盛顿 大学课程,以免偏离四课程体系. 然而,如果一个学生 receives transfer credit for either one or two courses worth three credit hours, the student will be permitted to graduate after accumulating a minimum of either 127 or 126学时(分别). 

Note: This policy is 只有 in effect for students who began prior to the 2013 Catalog. All students entering on the 2013 Catalog or later must accumulate a minimum of 128 credit hours regardless of transfer credit applied to their WC transcript.


  1. Download the 转移信用 Request form (found on the 学生形式 page of the (网址)或到注册主任办公室索取空白表格.
  2. Consult with the faculty advisor and secure pre-approval for the proposed course(s) 由相关系主任提供. 提供课程描述可能是必要的 或者课程大纲. 每个部门都有自己的政策 to approve transfer credit for courses taught online or in other non-traditional formats.
  3. Return the completed form to the 注册商 prior to enrolling in the course(s).
  4. Students may need to apply for admission to the 其他学院或大学 where 他们想上转学课程。. 如果需要,华盛顿的注册办公室 College will write a “letter of good standing” to the other institution stating that 这个学生获准参加课外课程. 请求此信,完整 an Enrollment Verification Request form (found on the 学生形式 page of the 注册商’s 网站).
  5. Upon completion of the course, the student should request an official transcript from the 其他学院或大学 and have it sent directly to the 注册商’s Office 在九州娱乐官网. 转学学分和课程成绩不会被公布 on the student’s 九州娱乐官网 transcript until the 注册商’s Office has received both the signed 转移信用 Request form and the official transcript from the 其他学院或大学.