跨文化事务办公室 is committed to creating an inclusive environment and 社区 essential for all students’ cultural development and academic success.


跨文化事务办公室 is committed to creating an inclusive environment and 社区 essential for all students’ cultural development and academic success.


Regardless of a person’s identity based on age, race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, religion or lack thereof, socioeconomic status, citizenship status, ability, military service, or any other classification making individuals special 独特的跨文化事务将:

  • Develop and educate leaders from a cultural perspective and intersectionality lens
  • 培养一个包容、热情和支持的校园
  • 促进跨文化交流
  • 提供自我意识和跨差异反思的机会

We, the students, faculty, staff, and Board of 访问ors and Governors of Washington College, welcome, invite, value, and support a 不同的社区 of individuals. We 努力创造一个所有人都能学习、工作和茁壮成长的地方. 我们相信 worth, dignity, and safety of human beings of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, gender identities and/or expressions, sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, cultural backgrounds, cognitive or physical abilities, emotional and behavioral characteristics, 年龄,教育程度. 

In the pursuit of academic excellence, we endeavor to be a 社区 made up of people from a variety of backgrounds with differing perspectives, life experiences, religious, 哲学和政治信仰、生活方式和意识形态. 我们承诺创造 a respectful and supportive environment for collaboration, empathy, and the building 九州娱乐官网成员之间有意义的关系. 我们致力于培养 a more equitable, inclusive, and engaged 社区 that embraces all the complexity 每个人带到校园的.                     

  • We will empower all members to contribute ideas, ask questions, contest assumptions, 并通过公民辩论修正观点.   
  • We will confront and challenge attempts to dehumanize others through prejudiced attitudes, behaviors, and practices that exclude, demean, or marginalize any individual or group.                             
  • We will encourage alumni, parents, visitors, guests, and the wider 社区 to respect 并接受我们所体现的价值观和行为.                            

Our promise is to cultivate a continuous desire and ability to understand and meaningfully engage with different perspectives and experiences, including those of historically 代表性不足和被边缘化的群体. 我们力求为充分的知识分子做出贡献 and emotional development of every person and to the enrichment of our local, regional, 国家和全球社区.

跨文化事务办公室 is located in 明塔马丁大厅, along with our 跨文化中心—a student-centered location on campus that provides a safe physical 每个人都有空间——但它的意义远不止于此! 该中心是一个广泛的中心 各种学生服务、资源和文化项目. 这种新的可访问性 空间包括:

  • 这是跨文化事务办公室的所在地
  • 这是黑人文化研究中心的所在地
  • 一个不同信仰的房间
  • 中性的浴室
  • 具有打印能力的计算机实验室
  • 休息区
  • 会议室


We are committed to providing resources and initiatives to help our diverse student 社区.    


We have a plethora of student resources like our Intercultural Ambassador Program, Yellow Ribbon Program, and religious resources for our religiously and spiritually 不同的社区!



We have a wide range of resources available to our LGBTQIA+ 社区 from coming out and family resources, to scholarship information and professional resources. 




九州娱乐官网是一个宗教和精神多元化的社区. 我们欢迎 students of every religious background and tradition and aim to give all students the resources they need to be able to practice their faith accordingly, as well as interfaith and secular spaces for quiet contemplation, such as the Kirwan Meditation 花园. Additionally, students can find the Interfaith Center inside the Intercultural Center. 的 Interfaith Center has two private prayer spaces on campus and is available to provide support to students seeking to connect with students of similar faith or 确保前往教堂、清真寺和寺庙的交通安全.



Being the first in your family to attend college is a very proud accomplishment, but 它带来了独特的挑战. 在校园许多办公室的共同努力下, including 跨文化事务, 金融援助, Student Affairs, and the Career Center, 九州娱乐官网 strives to provide first-generation students with all the support 他们需要成为九州娱乐官网社区的一员. 行政长官办公室 跨文化事务’ Ambassador Program provides networking opportunities and mixers for fellow first generation students, in addition to creating deeper connections with 校园资源.







Through Safe Space, 九州娱乐官网 strives to create an inclusive environment 给校园社区的所有成员. 安全空间是一个国家认可的项目 that provides educational training designed to support and create a network of allies for the Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Gay, and Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) 社区 on-campus. Our Safe Space at 九州娱乐官网 is located in the 跨文化事务 office 在明塔·马丁大厅的地下室里.



绝地计划 develops and delivers learning modules on topics such as microaggressions, racism 还有压力和反种族主义. 来自WAC社区的学生、教师和工作人员 设计并交付这些工作坊. 绝地武士重视主动学习、善良、尊重、 and continual growth of all participants, whether they be 绝地武士 leaders, facilitators, 或参与者. 以这些价值观作为我们的试金石和对社会的承诺 just world at its core, 绝地武士 seeks to empower members of the WAC 社区 to have the knowledge and confidence they need to make a difference in our 社区 and in 我们更广阔的世界. 绝地武士模块目前包括:减轻(Mirco)攻击,身份识别 & Privilege, Anti-Racism, Courageous Conversations, Gender 绝地武士, and Racism and Stress.



跨文化事务办公室 works closely with student organizations, the Office of Student Engagement, Residence Life, Student Government Association, the Student 事件 Board, Starr Center, and 招生 to co-sponsor inclusive, educational, 所有人都可以在WC享受社交和文化活动. 我们最喜欢的活动包括 Diversity Week—a week of campus programming surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion—Holi 色彩节和拉丁文化月庆祝活动.