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By implementing the “全球ly Engaged 教室”, GEO aims to promote one of Washington College’s core values: engagement with cultures 和 communities locally 和 around 全球. Learning to effectively communicate, collaborate, 和 work across cultures empowers both domestic 和 international students to be citizen leaders in an ever-changing, 全球化的世界.

Creating 全球教室s 


Undoubtedly, today’s challenges require educators to re-imagine the relevance, priorities, 和 methods of delivering global learning opportunities.  To strategize new methods of educating globally mobile students, the 全球教育 Office supports the development of 虚拟 international experiences for AY 2021-2022. By creating a portfolio of such experiences, we aim to facilitate meaningful connections 和 collaborations with students, experts, institutions, 和 organizations across 全球. We invite instructors to intentionally design 和 incorporate into 我们现有的课程 a “全球 教室”, in which the 虚拟 connection 是一种手段 advance our mission of growing students’ global competences. 

Virtual global experiences can be offered in several modalities ranging from immersive, project-based 课程s to several short-term global engagement-focused connections embedded within regular WAC 课程s. 一些选项是:  

  • Virtual tours of cities or institutions abroad 
  • Game design projects with international collaborators 
  • Dialogues, guest lectures, mini projects with peers 和 students overseas 
  • Collaborative Online International Learning (线圈)项目  
  • Project-based collaborations with international partner institutions 
  • Short-term workshops 和 trainings led by international facilitators 
  • Service-learning modules as a form of experiential global education 

 你是 教员 interested in developing a 全球教室 component or curious to learn more about the process? 给我们发一封电子邮件到 (电子邮件保护) 和 complete this interest form. For some ideas, explore University of Kentucky’s Education Abroad 教师 Toolkit 和 The Community-Based 全球 Learning Collaborative 


2021年秋季fys101中的线圈项目fys101中的线圈项目: “Witches, Allegory, Myth, 和 Theme” led by Dr. 克里斯蒂娜 卡萨多,WAC和博士. Jack Kirne, RMIT University, Australia

Pilot Program of project-based 课程s in AY 20-21:

During AY 2020-2021 there were two 课程s offered in the Department of World Languages & 文化s which included a 虚拟 exchange international component: HPS 307: 西班牙语 for International Business 和 HPS 302: Advanced Conversation. 在HPS 307中,学生 collaborated in a service-learning project with Ecuadorean NGO, 一个Mano Manaba, 和 in HPS 302, students worked on a bilingual group project with peers from Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) in the Dominican Republic. Here’s the student’s feedback:


“I really enjoyed taking this class this semester. I think if this 课程 is taught in the future it should definitely include 一个Mano Manaba. I think working with them 和 doing the bilingual conversations is something that wouldn't necessarily be done in other 西班牙语 classes at other schools.”


“这是一个很棒的课程. 教授 gave us an international experience that I will never forget 和 will forever cherish. She had allowed us to build connections 和 gave us the free will to explore 和 use our own judgement when it came to projects 和 assignments. 有很多机会 要有创意. Overall, this was the epitome of an ideal online learning experience 和 one that I would truly remember 和 be thankful for. 伟大的类. 很多 of work, but I would recommend 10/10.”


“I think that the topics of discussion were great, 和 I am really glad I took the 课程. This 课程 was really applicable to the real world, 和 I learned a lot about what to expect in Latin American countries when it comes to business. 我也真的 loved working with 一个Mano Manaba in Ecuador, it was an amazing idea 和 it really solidified my interest in volunteering 和 in Latin America.”


“线圈 helped me learn more about the cultural differences between our two countries. Trying to communicate in my target language with native speakers helped me focus on what I needed to work on with my language-learning 和 motivated me to improve my 西班牙语.”