Seyed's Story

Seyed M.  Marjaei

Class of 2023 • Mashhad, Iran
While Seyed is originally from Iran, he spent the majority of his life growing up in India and in multicultural environments. “Growing up away from home at such a young age created this ‘third culture’ where the place I was raised was very different from my parents’ culture.” He added, “Being a ‘third culture kid' fostered a very mixed and adaptive identity within me.” Because of these past experiences, Seyed finds it easy to connect with people from different parts of the world.


Throughout his high school experience in India, Seyed attended very small schools. Coming to Washington College in 2019, where a sense of community is very strong, he felt immediately right at home. “The international community was what broke the ice at the start,” Seyed said. “Never having been in the United Sates before seemed very daunting to me, but after just 24 hours at the College and having met the other international students, it was surprising how quickly I felt ‘at home.’” 

Seyed is very involved on campus and serves on the Executive Board of the Student Government Association where he tackles environmental and sustainability concerns on campus. He is also on the Men’s Varsity Rowing Team and is the co-president of the Makers’ Union, a club devoted to the philosophy of ‘learning by doing.’ “Washington College has really enabled me to thrive in very different fields while still pursuing my Physics and Engineering endeavors.”

Seyed Marjaei in Makerspace

Academically, Seyed is very engaged within the Physics Department and enjoys pursuing personal engineering projects in the Makerspace located in Miller Library. He is also part of the Presidential Fellowship program, which is a group of ambitious, highly motivated and like-minded individuals. “I am lucky that most of my international friends major in physics and engineering as well. We have a much closer bond because of this, and I couldn’t have imagined it being better,” Seyed said. “I am very excited for the rest of my time at Washington College and I can’t wait to get out into the real world.”