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Student Events Board

The Student Events Board is a student-run organization, made up of over 20 students, who’s sole purpose is to plan awesome events for the students at WC. SEB is constantly working to have fun, innovative, and creative events to entertain a variety of students on campus. SEB strives to serve students all over campus and provide something to do for everyone, as you will see in our mission statement.

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We strive to improve the Washington College experience by building community, enhancing friendships, and creating relationships. We provide unique, exciting, and engaging events for a variety of student interests.

We plan and carry out a TON of events every semester, ranging from movie nights, giveaways, performers, make and takes, bus trips, and game shows. We also plan large scale annual events for WAC like Shoremal, Birthday Ball and Shorefest. 

Each semester, the board goes through a rigorous training in order to improve our customer service, planning and advertising, so our events can continually improve year after year. We also attend leadership training workshops and college event planning conferences, such as APCA (Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities). We are always looking for new event ideas and constantly ask for feedback from students on improving events for now and the future.

We recruit new board members in the Fall each year, and encourage those interested to talk to a current SEB member about their experience. If you are passionate about being a leader, making the experience of others better, event planning, creativity and/or marketing, we would love to hear from you! After applying to be on the board, we hold interviews before making our decision.

Although SEB is a big time commitment, it is an experience unlike no other. After being on the board for a year, you are given the opportunity to apply and interview to be an Executive Board Member.



Looking to collaborate with SEB?

Please fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Please make sure you give us plenty of notice, at least two months, we usually plan events an entire semester ahead.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

money, advertising, help at the event, planning, ect...
money, advertising, help at the event, planning, ect...




Meet Our Executive Board

Vani C. Chauhan

Lillian Shimon

Emily K. Bechtel


Faye A. Dorman

Keegan A. Enzor

Caroline V. Drupka