Pre-Health Professions 项目

Washington College’s Pre-Health Professions 项目 prepare undergraduates for careers as physicians, dentists, optometrists, podiatrists, pharmacists, nurses, 和 veterinarians, as well as allied health careers such as physician assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, 和 many more.

Pre-Health Professions 项目    

We have five Pre-Health Professions 项目, each with a 程序 advisor: 医学预科的, Pre-Nursing, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Allied Health Professions, 和 Pre-Veterinary.  We also offer a minor in Public Health.    


By providing individualized guidance to students interested in careers in medicine, our 医学预科的 Program helps our graduates go on to successful careers as physicians, dentists, optometrists, podiatrists, 和 veterinarians. Washington College is also an affiliate school for LECOM's Early Acceptance Program into its medical 和 dental 学校.



Over the past two decades alone, over 100 Washington College graduates have gone on to careers in nursing. Our Pre-Nursing Program can help you succeed in this challenging 和 rewarding field. Our Pre-Nursing Program includes a 3:2 dual-degree option with the University of Maryl和 School of Nursing.



校友 of our Pre-Pharmacy Program have gone on to gain Doctor of Pharmacy degrees from top pharmacy 学校 和 have had successful careers in the field with the help of our individualized advising 和 support. Our Pre-Pharmacy Program includes a 3:4 dual-degree option with the University of Maryl和 School of Pharmacy. 


Pre-Allied Health Professions

Becoming a physician, nurse, or pharmacist are not the only paths to a rewarding career in healthcare. Our alumni have gone on to a wide variety of important careers in the field - many of which are rapidly growing. Among our Pre-Allied Health opportunities is a 4:2 agreement with the Bridgewater College Master of Science in Athletic Training 程序. 



Students with an interest in becoming veterinarians are now served by a specialized advising 程序.  Washington College's location affords pre-veterinary students potential h和s-on experience with a wide range of animals.  


Public Health Minor

The Public Heath minor is designed to help students become familiar with the multidisciplinary nature of public health work, increase their awareness of the opportunities available in this diverse field, 和 inspire them to discover lives of purpose 和 passion through careers in health 和 medicine.


Health Professions 校友 Council

Washington College has an extensive network of alumni working in the health professions. The Health Professions 校友 Council (HPAC) is a formal group of alumni who are leaders in the health professions who support the College's Pre-Health Professions 项目 和 their students.


"Pathways to Patient Care: CNA & EMT" Presentation

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Washington College Pre-Health Professions Students: Please send your email address to 菲尔Ticknor, Coordinator of Pre-Health Professions 项目, at [email protected] to receive an invitation to be added to the Pre-Health Professions 项目 Canvas advising site 和 to be added to the appropriate Pre-Health Professions Program email 列表(年代).