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Theatre Major and Minor

Tell your story.

Whether you long to take center stage, design a new world, or bring your favorite story to life on stage, WC's Theatre program will help you grow into a multifaceted storyteller with hands-on experience in your preferred discipline. 

Both majors and minors receive 1-on-1 mentorship from the Department's faculty and staff. By the time they graduate, most Theatre & Dance students have worked side-by-side with a guest artist, attended a national conference, or completed a professional internship in the arts.

 As seniors, Theatre majors are able to make their debut into the professional world with an immersive Senior Capstone Experience capturing the breadth and depth of theatre. 

girl breaking egg over boys head in stage setting of rurual ireland


Dale Daigle in office


Dale Daigle

Professor of Theatre; Chair of the Department of Theatre & Dance; Director of the Daniel Z. Gibson Center for the Arts