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Public Health

Interdisciplinary Minor

Public health encompasses a diverse array of fields, reflected in the interdisciplinary nature of all public health programs. Careers in public health focus on major health concerns such as infectious diseases/pandemics, antibiotic resistant bacteria, nutrition/obesity, drug and alcohol addiction, mental health, bio-terrorism, environmental health issues related to water/food/air quality, food (in)security, STDs, women’s health, and health concerns related to poverty/health care disparities both nationally and internationally. Gaining an interdisciplinary understanding of the physical, social, and cultural aspects of health and medicine prepares students for success in graduate training and careers of passion in medical and health fields.

This minor is designed to help students become familiar with the multidisciplinary nature of public health work, increase their awareness of the opportunities available in this diverse field, and inspire them to discover lives of purpose and passion through careers in health and medicine.

Students interested in pursuing the Public Health minor should consult with the Director, Dr. Elizabeth Yost on their course selections and should be aware that internship opportunities in public health are available.  Students are encouraged to contact Dr. Yost to inquire about internships.