学生可以在获得宝贵经验的同时获得学分. Nearly half of all 心理学 majors (和 80% of Clinical Counseling Concentrators) 至少完成一次实习.

  • Regular partnerships with local private schools allow interns the chance to help young 人能发挥自己的潜能. 心理学实习生可以协助特殊教育教师 in classrooms, play a role in social skills training, coach 学生 to develop cognitive 技能,并与语言治疗师合作.
  • Some interns work as summer camp counselors with the goal of addressing behavioral, 贯穿一生的情感和智力挑战. 实习生发展和领导 活动的同时运用行为管理的原则.
  • Working at inpatient 和 outpatient facilities for the treatment of psychological 在疾病方面,实习生获得了一系列传统的临床技能. 共同责任 are interacting with clients, observing intake appointments, co-leading therapeutic/activity 小组,并帮助写行为笔记.
  • Additional psychology internships are available in guidance counseling, human resources, career counseling, preschool instruction/care, adult medical daycare, occupational 治疗,学校心理学,健康心理学/运动训练. 


Explore what it is like to work in a certain setting or with a particular population

Gain valuable field experience, which bolsters your resume 和 enhances your 研究生入学的机会




1. 社区实习 gain practical 小时 at placements in the greater Chestertown community during the semester (or in their home towns during the summer) by helping others in various capacities
2. 社交媒体实习生 create Instagram posts (@washcoll_counseling) 和 develop other forms of media to 教育和激励整体健康.
3. 健康倡导教练(WACs) 促进积极主动的方式在大学及以后茁壮成长. 他们提供个别学生 support 和 play a role in developing wellness outreach programming for the broader 校园社区.

There are two sections of 心理学 Internship (PSY 490): a wellness section 和 社区部分. 

学生不能通过自助服务报名PSY 490. 提前计划是必要的 to make sure there is a placement that fits for you 和 that provides you with a meaningful 学习经验. 如果你对校内实习感兴趣,请联系Littlefield教授 internship (健康倡导辅导; Social Media) or an off-校园社区 placement.  

  • 健康实习The Wellness Internship class is a 2-credit, on-campus placement that is offered each 秋天和春天. It includes the Social Media Interns 和 the Wellness Advocacy Coaches. (见“三种主要实习类型”下的描述.)这对……来说并不罕见 学生 to repeat this offering in successive semesters up to the maximum allowable 8个实习学分.

    健康实习的学生名单只有经过许可才能进入. 课程开始前 registration period, interested junior 和 senior 学生 can contact Professor Littlefield 关于他们对这门课的兴趣. 偶尔也会考虑二年级学生 也. Dr. 利特尔菲尔德将最终的学生名单直接提交给教务处 办公室. 
  • 社区实习This internship course can be worth either 2 credits (for 70 小时/semester) or 4 credits (for 140 小时/semester) 和 includes all interns who are placed in the community. 社区实习 are 学生 who are matched with a site or find a site to complete off-campus 小时 under the direction of a supervisor who works at the facility of 选择. 

    每年春天, community interns in their first internship placement meet weekly as a group, 和 each intern earns a letter grade for their combined classroom work 和 off-campus 小时.  

    每年夏天和秋天, community interns are paired with a 九州娱乐官网 faculty mentor (in addition to their onsite supervisor) 和 their work is graded on a pass/fail basis. 通常情况下, 暑期实习生住得太远,无法参加面对面的会议. 一般来说, fall interns are enrolled in their second or third internship placement. 


    1)找到你想实习的地方. 参考“常见心理学实习网站” 的想法. Other ways to locate internships are through personal connections or by visiting the 职业发展中心 to learn about broader possibilities.  

    2)与博士分享你的想法. 利特菲尔德,以确保您所寻求的经验 能算作心理学实习学分吗. 如果不是定期安排,我们会安排 need obtain information about what your role(s) would be as an intern 和 secure contact 给你可能的现场主管的信息.

    3) You will typically interview with your potential onsite supervisor 和/or take a tour of the facility to ensure the match is a good one for all parties.

    4) Once you secure a placement that you think is a good match for your interests 和 will allow you enough 小时 to meet course requirements, the registration process 首先注册参加H和shake的体验.

    5) Complete any requirements for your specific site, such as medical tests 和 background 支票,尽快. 此外,跟踪检查您是否已注册 学期开始前的课程. 
  • Chestertown物理治疗服务公司.
  • 幼儿学习中心(各地)
  • Garnett Elementary School (working with children who need extra support)
  • 肯特县成人医疗日托中心
  • 精神科日间课程,比如 阿伦德尔洛奇公司. 和 十字路口社区中心.
  • 拉德克利夫溪学校(特殊教育)
  • 谢泼德普拉特医院(各病房)
  • 演讲 language pathology, school psychology, 和 occupational therapy work at 不同的位置
  • 夏令营和训练的行为障碍,如 行为服务, 伊斯特希尔斯费尔利营地, 拉马波营,还有 营Wediko.
  • 幸存者的倡导和支持,例如 四季皆宜 转变
  • Wye River Upper School (group social skills training with high schoolers)




"By getting to know clients at this facility, I've become more conscious of the symptoms 和 hazards of various mental conditions 和 physical disabilities, including dementia, 自闭症,癫痫和截瘫,以及如何驾驭它们. 通过频繁的互动, I've familiarized myself with clients' daily routines 和 learned their likes 和 不喜欢. Conversations [和 planned recreational activities] are often therapeutic 为客户 . . . Working at 肯特县成人医疗日托中心 has solidified my decision to pursue a career in healthcare, preferably one involving social interaction with 病人."

杰克 Goembel的23



Through her Community Internship with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Ceara Scanlon '16 learned to advocate for peers living with a wide range of mental 健康诊断.

This internship provided Ceara with valuable, h和s-on experience in mental health advocacy, serving her well in pursuit of a future career in this field. 





Launched in 2021, 九州娱乐官网 健康倡导辅导, or WAC-squared, offers 学生 the opportunity to train as mental health coaches 和 advocates for fellow 学生. 

健康倡导教练(WACs) are trained in mental health first aid 和 gain direct 提供给同辈学生的经验. WACs是前线的重要组成部分 我们校园的心理健康支持.