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CMS Major and Minor

A CMS degree is a valuable professional asset. An Association of American Colleges & Universities survey of 400 private sector and nonprofit executives found that the most highly valued skills for recent college graduates were: written and oral communication skills, teamwork skills, ethical decision-making, critical thinking skills, and the ability to apply knowledge in real-world settings. These skills are at the foundation of the CMS major at Washington College. 

CMS students critically assess information sources, address issues of representation and equity in media and communication systems, and learn to communicate effectively in a variety of media channels to a range of different audiences. These skills make our graduates not only exceptionally qualified for a wide variety of careers, but prepared to engage in the world thoughtfully and ethically, with a broad understanding of what it means to be a responsible global citizen.  


CMS @ WC has alums everywhere, including:

CMS Alum Careers


Students in the Communication and Media Studies Program at Washington College develop the ability to operate as critical consumers and producers of media texts while expanding their capacity for effective communication to various audiences in written, oral, and multimedia contexts. Our students:  


field-specific knowledge about the historical and contemporary construction of communication and media systems, theories and methods, and writing conventions 


critical media and information literacy skills 


thoughtfully crafted messages through multiple channels 


in collaborative work and work productively in a group setting 


the relationship between communication and media and ethical practices of civic engagement